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Emotional Health Workshops

Find the supportive approach to difficult work situations
Employee Conversation

Engaging training with lasting impact

My work relationships are better than ever

-Fred Fisher, Lead Engineer at Lyst

Makes it easy to say the hard things that have to be said

-Martin Underwood, Careers Adviser at 80,000 Hours

Essential for anyone who wishes to be successful

-Bridget Greenwood, Founder at The Bigger Pie

On-demand learning and live webinars

Subscription-based access to our on-demand learning modules enhanced with interactive AI-powered practice and support tools. We can integrate with your LMS. We also provide live webinar training. Bespoke plans available.

What you get:

  • Live webinar training or prerecorded video lectures teaching an actionable 4-step framework for handling difficult conversations based on neuroscience research. Includes many example phrasings.

  • Scenario-based activities for handling common difficult work conversations, including suggested model answers.

  • Experiential practice with personalized feedback from the AI.

  • 24-7 access to AI-powered writing aid and conversation prep tools that will help ensure effective language for upcoming difficult conversations.

Bespoke training modules

Importance of Diplomacy

Feedback Made Easy and Effective

Whether corrective or affirming, we'll equip your employees with the skills of giving and receiving feedback essential for every workplace.
Importance of Diplomacy

Inclusive Conversations About Diversity

Put inclusivity into practice. Promote shared understanding and trust while having conversations about diversity, sensitive issues and change.
Importance of Diplomacy

Conflict Resolution for Managers

Give managers the capabilities to resolve conflicts. Prevent issues from escalating. Learn the skills to navigate interpersonal differences while preserving relationships.