Inclusive Conversations About Diversity

About this workshop

Most people are well-intentioned about diversity and inclusion. However, good intentions are not enough. Putting inclusivity into practice requires having the capabilities to talk openly about diversity issues, speak honestly about different viewpoints, and willingness to call out challenging behavior. The fear of using the wrong words, asking the wrong question, doing the wrong thing can be paralyzing and prevent adoption of true inclusion and equality. Other times, diversity discussions handled badly can lead to backlash with some people feeling excluded and vilified. It is only when workplaces are able to speak safely and openly about diversity issues that true equality, diversity and inclusion can be put into practice. This workshop gives employees the capabilities to have diversity related conversations safely and inclusively.

Who is it for?

People managers, employees.

This session is for you if you want your managers and employees to be able to:

  • Speak about sensitive topics safely
  • Have inclusive conversations around differences
  • Use language that allows them to put allyship into practice
  • Create psychologically safe spaces
  • Embrace diverse views and experiences so that people feel fully heard, acknowledged and valued

What you get

In this workshop we'll teach science based methods for handling sensitive or difficult conversations around issues relating to diversity and inclusion. It includes:

  • Science-based methods for discussing sensitive topics with psychological safety
  • How to speak up as an ally without alienating others
  • Tips for inclusive feedback
  • Perspective taking activities
  • Practical, interactive scenarios
  • List of essential phrases

Topics covered

We will cover how to:

  • Challenge non inclusive actions without alienating people
  • Discuss different perspectives inclusively
  • Speak up about non inclusive jokes/comments without blame
  • Give effective apologies and make room for mistakes
  • Support negative emotions
  • Discuss differences in opinion on diversity practices
  • Handle backlash and feelings of exclusion stemming from diversity initiatives
And much more...

How is training delivered?

90 minutes to half a day of live-online training. With interactive exercises. Plus resources to follow up.

Typically we deliver via Zoom, with group size set at around 12 participants, but other options are also possible.

Need More Help?

We can provide follow-on individual and group coaching support developing your managers' and employees' communication skills to the next level.

You can also subscribe to our online portal, which contains AI-assisted practice and support for common workplace scenarios.

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