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Better Workplace Conversations

World-leading course on how to talk about differences while strengthening relationships

Workshop details

Suitable for 12-40 participants
Duration options: 60, 90, or 120 minutes
Delivery: Live online or in-person
Taster Session Cost: £500-£800 / $620-$995 (depending on workshop length*)
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* Costs are quoted for online delivery. Please check with us for in-person pricing
Employee Conversation

What our partners say

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My work relationships are better than ever

-Fred Fisher, Lead Engineer at Lyst
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Makes it easy to say the hard things that have to be said

-Martin Underwood, Careers Adviser at 80,000 Hours
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Essential for anyone who wishes to be successful

-Bridget Greenwood, Founder at The Bigger Pie
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We learned fantastic insights on how to deepen understanding of the perspective of others.

-Anna Makinen, Head of Clear Assured at The Clear Company
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Very informative, well presented and delivered, interactive and involved

-Julie Moytysee, Property Administrator at Quadrant
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Incredibly helpful! It's given me more confidence to handle tricky conversations

-Claudine Chen, Backend Engineer at Fresco

Have conversations that build trust and psychological safety

Our interactive workshop teaches a practical four-step method based on neuroscience research. We equip your staff with the skills for having difficult conversations in ways that are clear, calm, and collaborative. We also show you how to use AI such as ChatGPT for ongoing support. Workshop activities will teach your staff to:
  • Speak objectively about difficult situations (e.g., complaints, disagreements, emotional topics)

  • Handle interpersonal differences (e.g., clash in working styles)

  • Express negative emotions in constructive ways (e.g., frustration over miscommunication)

  • Deal with emotionally triggering situations (e.g., criticism or defensiveness)
  • Address toxic positivity (e.g., reluctance to point out problems)

  • Give negative feedback (e.g., address poor performance)

  • Have difficult conversations (e.g., discussing mistakes)

  • Cope with conflict productively (e.g., perceived unfairness, differences of opinion)

Aims of the workshop

The workshop will enable your staff to apply science-based methods to help them:
  • Discuss difficult situations with calm and clarity

  • Speak about problems without judgment or blame

  • Strengthen their resilience to setbacks

  • Have high quality conversations that increase performance and productivity
  • Increase trust, cohesion, and collaboration among teams

  • Handle conflict while preserving relationships

  • Respond to challenging situations with growth and learning

  • Build a culture of resilience, thriving relationships, and high performance

Workshop Content

Employee Conversation
  • How your brain responds to emotional threat

  • Four-step practical method for effectively navigating difficult conversations

  • Do's and don'ts of expressing emotions constructively

  • Practical role-plays based on real-life work scenarios

  • The secret to dealing with personal differences and conflict while preserving relationships

  • How to create prompts that best leverage the power of ChatGPT to support effective difficult conversation skills

Become a certified trainer of Better Workplace Conversations

Your trainers and managers can be certified to deliver our 2-hour workshop. We guide your staff through the process of how to have difficult conversations in a supportive way. We'll also train your staff on how to use AI such as ChatGPT to support these skills.

Teams who are able to have effective difficult conversations in ways that preserve trust and motivate collaboration are a key competitive advantage in the age of AI. The program can be rolled out across your organization to make sure all your employees know how to engage with difficult situations in an emotionally healthy way.
Employee Conversation

Benefits for licensees

  • Build difficult conversations competency across your organization

  • Develop your in-house trainers as certified difficult conversations support specialists

  • Learn best practice examples and case studies from other organizations

  • Benefit from bi-monthly trainer development sessions

  • Enhance your capability to respond collaboratively to challenges in the workplace

  • Ensure best value for money with your wellbeing/training budget

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