Conflict Resolution for Managers

About this workshop

Workplace conflict is inevitable. When handled badly, it's very costly. Conflict is estimated to cost UK employers £28.5 billion and US employers $359 billion a year. However, when handled effectively, conflict is an opportunity for greater learning and understanding. This course will give managers the skills needed to resolve conflict while preserving relationships. They will learn the neuroscience of key brain regions involved in conflict and a science-backed method for how to effectively manage and resolve conflict. Managers will be able to apply this both to conflict that involves themselves and also conflict among members of their team.

Who is it for?

Leaders and people managers.

This session is for you if you want your managers to be able to:

  • Resolve their own conflicts
  • Handle interpersonal differences
  • Have difficult conversations effectively
  • Discuss differences while preserving relationships
  • Navigate tricky situations calmly and diplomatically
  • Deal effectively with negative emotions

What you get

In this workshop we'll teach science based methods for conflict resolution and managing emotions. It includes:

  • Four step neuroscience-based method for managing conflict
  • Neuroscience-based tools for managing emotions
  • Practical, interactive scenarios
  • List of essential phrases

Topics covered

How to handle problems relating to:

  • Personality clashes
  • Working style differences
  • Communication problems
  • Difficult attitudes
  • Culture and values differences
  • Remote work issues
  • Change management
And much more...

How is training delivered?

90 minutes to half a day of live-online training. With interactive exercises. Plus resources to follow up.

Typically we deliver via Zoom, with group size set at around 12 participants, but other options are also possible.

Need More Help?

We can provide follow-on individual and group coaching support developing your managers' and employees' communication skills to the next level.

You can also subscribe to our online portal, which contains AI-assisted practice and support for common workplace scenarios.

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It's allowed me to bring up difficult issues in ways that have been very positively received and has helped me feel more free and satisfied at work.