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Emotional Health Essentials

A two-hour public workshop where we help you practice clear, calm, and connected work conversations
Employee Conversation
Employee Conversation

Join our monthly public workshops

We will guide you through activities that help you ask connecting questions, provide emotional support, and discuss difficult situations in a productive way.
Employee Conversation

Topics we cover

We help you practice handling difficult situations with calm and clarity. We'll teach you how to handle:
  • Interpersonal differences (e.g., clash in personalities)

  • Expressing negative emotions (e.g., frustration over how you've been treated)

  • Dealing with defensiveness (e.g., when people react negatively to what you've said)

  • Being assertive (e.g., asking for what you want)
  • Toxic positivity (e.g., when someone refuses to acknowledge difficulties )

  • Giving negative feedback (e.g.,when you'd like someone to improve)

  • Having difficult conversations (e.g., discussing mistakes )

  • Coping with conflict productively (e.g., perceived unfairness, differences of opinion)

Improve your capacity for:

  • Managing difficult emotions

  • Responding with calm and clarity

  • Giving and receiving emotional support

  • Being resilient to setbacks

  • Having high quality conversations

  • Asking for what you want

  • Handling conflict while preserving relationships

  • Growing and learning from difficult situations

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Workshop details

Max participants: 25
Duration: 2 hours
Delivery: Interactive, online webinar
Cost: £20 per person


Helps me communicate clearly in difficult situations

-Cristina Llavina, Alexander Technique Teacher

Helpful and thought provoking

-Tony Curtis, Property Management

Very good, really enjoyed it

-Nicholas Park, Associate Director at Quadrant

I feel much more positive about my working relationships.

-Radmila Sarac, Freelance Writer

An incredibly useful session

-Phil Milo, Director of Finance at Magenta

I left feeling inspired and energized.

-Sitaram Lyre, Lead Software Engineer at Google

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