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Why objective language is a superpower

"The highest form of intelligence is the ability to observe without evaluating"

It's compelling

When communicating objectively, you present a more compelling case for your point. You will sound more authoritative, powerful and persuasive if you are clearly sticking to the objective facts of the matter.

It's irrefutable

When you present things objectively, it's hard for people to disagree with you. You will sound authoritative and you will command respect and trust through the accuracy of your communication.

It stops useless arguments

Many unhelpful arguments stem from vague, imprecise language where people talk circles around each other. When you describe things objectively, you will be using clear, precise and specific language, which will prevent people from talking at each other about different issues without realizing they are talking at cross purposes.

It prevents defensive responses

When you stick to indisputable facts, you will be avoiding judgment, blame, personal attacks and moralizing. This is key to reducing defensive responses in other people. It's important to avoid triggering defensiveness because once people become defensive, they will no longer be able to stay calm and engage with you productively. They will be focused on fighting back or retreating, and will not have the state of mind to hear or engage productively with what you are saying.

It keeps the focus on what is important

Speaking in precise, clear, factual terms lays the situation out specifically and clearly. This establishes a common understanding of the facts of a situation and allows for more productive discussions about where there might be any differences in opinion on perceived impact, risks, or predicted outcomes.

Keep practicing

Objective language takes practice. But the results are worth it. When you master the skill of objective communication, you will command respect and authority while laying the groundwork for the most productive discussions. See our top tips on staying objective here.

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