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Enable your trainers to deliver Emotional Health Essentials With ChatGPT to all your staff
Next trainer development dates:
26 - 29 April, 2023
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Become a certified trainer of Emotional Health Essentials With ChatGPT

Your trainers and managers can be certified to deliver our 2-hour workshop. We guide your staff through the process of how to handle difficult situations, provide emotional support, and discuss situations in a productive way. We'll also train your staff on how to use ChatGPT to support these emotional and interpersonal skills.

Emotionally healthy teams are a key competitive advantage in the age of AI. The programme can be rolled out across your organization to make sure all your employees know how to engage with difficult situations in an emotionally healthy way.
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Benefits for licensees

  • Build emotional health competency across your organization

  • Develop your in-house trainers as certified Emotional Health With ChatGPT support specialists

  • Learn best practice examples and case studies from other organizations

  • Benefit from bi-monthly trainer development sessions

  • Enhance your capability to respond collaboratively to challenges in the workplace

  • Ensure best value for money with your wellbeing/training budget

Enquire about upcoming licensee training

Tell us about your organization and the number of trainers that might benefit. You can also email our CEO Dr. Hsu at